• Lama Aladdin

Discovering you own "true colors"

Since I started my career as a personal stylist, I have been privileged to educate my clients on the transformational effects of color and how they can express their personality, look healthy and attractive for ultimate wellbeing through their wardrobes, homes and creative outlets.

When I help my clients find their "true colors" that work with their natural characteristics, my clients immediately feel a confidence boost, as they can see the powerful effect and a visual impact has been created. The Skin looks clearer, lines are less noticeable, clients note looking and feeling younger, & more vibrant.

As as certified stylists and color analysists I am able to show my clients how they can wear every color no matter what their skin tone and season is. It is the different tints and shades that will make a color either Cool and predominately blue-based or Warm and predominately yellow-based. For example, green is shown as predominantly on the Cool side of the Color Wheel. However, green comes in a variety of shades, some Cool and some Warm. Pale mint and dark evergreen are cool greens, whereas apple, lime and grass greens are on the warm side of the color spectrum.

When you feel good in your clothes, you are more confident, more relaxed , and you are able to present yourself in a more authentic light to the world. Ideally, your clothes, hair and makeup will complement and harmonize with your skin, hair, eyes and importantly, your personality. When these elements are in balance, those around you will see more of you and less of your clothing. The clothes you wear will be enhancing your natural features and your personality, so you are noticed first. By booking a color analysis session, you will find out, if you have a cool or warm undertone, What seasonal color you belong to, what colors you should avoid and what colors suit you best. This is one of the greatest self-transformation processes you can go through. Save money and time, and make shopping a joyous experience, as you will head directly to those items in any store that will clearly work for you and bring out all your beautiful features.

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