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Seven Styling Tips that will help elevate your outfit and style.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on clothes to look and feel your best as there are a few simple styling tips which can improve your look and boost your confidence, to help you look your best.

The first styling tip is pretty simple, "Focus on the details".

Focusing on the details of how you wear the clothing garments can instantly elevate your outfit and style. To help you understand exactly what I mean, I need you to go put a basic white shirt on, with basic straight cut denim pants and stand in front of the mirror. This is a basic outfit, nothing special right? Now, roll the sleeves, a little better....right?

Instead of leaving the shirt untucked or fully tucked ,tuck it like the image got that effortless vibe going on already. Now, add an extra layer, and that layer doesn't necessary need to serve any purpose, just tie a sweater around your shoulder, with some basic accessories, your sunglasses and you're already looking effortlessly chic. That my stylish friend is the power of "focusing on the details".

The Second styling tip is "Create balance".

You need to balance the proportion of your Top vs your bottom. You can't wear a flowy & wide skirt with a wide and flowy sweater, it wont look flattering. Instead, with a wide and flowy skirt you need to go with something more fitted, right? Well yes, but there are exceptions and that all depends on your body shape. For example I had a client with a strawberry body shape, who was looking for an "off shoulder" top, but every time she would wear one she would feeling bulky and wide. I explained to her the reasons she feels this way are first because "off shoulder" tops make the shoulders seem wider, & the most important reason is because she's wearing the off shoulder top with skinny jeans. So she's not creating the right balance in her outfit and that is why she feels bulky and wide. Instead of the skinny jeans, I helped her try on an A-line skirt that helped create the right balance between her upper part of the body and her lower part. Once you figure out how to create the right balance with your outfits, you are already half way into your styling journey.

My Third styling tip is the "Three color Rule".

The "Three color Rule" means wearing an outfit made out of three colors not more. You can have different Shades and tones of those three colors but you cant add a fourth color. To explain further, lets say you decided to wear an outfit that has three colors which are Pink, blue, and green.... For your bag and shoes and layers you can go with different shades and tones of these three colors but you can't wear a "Yellow" bag for instance, that becomes a fourth color.

The Fourth styling tip is to "Accessorize"

Accessories can make an outfit go from "meh" to Super chic. They can make a boring basic outfit look stylish. For all the ladies that forget to put on their accessorize, let's take some baby steps. First, you need to own the basic accessories, which are, a basic gold/ silver necklace, a bracelet, a basic silver/gold watch, a ring, and some basic gold/silver earrings. Add all of these in a small case and add that case in your bag. Now you don't have to think of the accessories while you are getting ready, you can wear them in the car, or before you've reached your destination in the parking, whenever you remember to. And you will keep on doing that until you've gotten use to wearing accessories, and once you do, you will never go out without them again. Believe me!

The Fifth styling tip is my clients favorite, because it is truly a great hack. So whenever you want to wear an outfit and you are unsure whether the colors match or not. Head to Pinterest and write on the search engine exactly what you want to wear., for example a "pink top with red pants".... You will get so many images for inspiration, but if you search two colors that don't really go together you will see that there aren't many images or options and that is a hint that the combination of colors you chose don't go well together.

The Sixth and hardest tip is "Planning your outfit" at least 2 hours before leaving.

When you plan your outfits ahead of time you learn more about your style and what looks good on your body shape. You understand more about balancing the proportions of the outfit and matching colors and the most important part is you wont feel frustrated like you normally feel when you are getting ready.

The seventh and last tip is "Organize your Closet".

You need to organize your closet to know exactly what you have in there. Depending on the space you have, try putting each category or style together, meaning put the dresses together, the tops with each other, the denim pants next to one another, and so on. The most important part while organizing your closet is taking out the pieces you haven't worn for at least a year. Remove them, donate them, and make more room for your current wardrobe and for new clothes. Believe me the moment you do this, you will feel refreshed.

Each of those seven styling tips have helped most of my clients, and I suggest you try one after the other. If you have any styling tips that you would like to share, please comment below. Hope you enjoyed this post my stylish friends. xoxo

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